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Thailand is one of tourism destination where the king rule as head of state. It is famous in the world for everything in term of holiday trips, whether if you want amazing massage or want to enjoy night life, the beautiful beaches, lakes, temples and yummy sea food. Rather than these you can enjoy the experience of wild sport and top adventure filled with action in jungles of Thailand, see the giant animals like elephants, and also the wonderful city park. You will find everything at one place only in Thailand. There are many hotels near tourism resort where you can book a hotel for your stay. Read Thailand tourism map available on Thailand’s airport offers you much information of possible destinations on this land. You can explore ancient temple like Angkor wat and feel like you go to legendary city of el dorado. You can plan from home for your whole trip with us FishingEverywhere as your partner.

Water sports are famous in Thailand. If you want to enjoy number of water game like snorkeling, scuba diving, jump from water fall and fishing then you should reach to Thailand right now to enjoy the whole new experience of water sporting. One of the most popular water sports in Thailand is fishing. There are numbers of beaches, lakes, rivers and seas in Thailand where you can experience different types of fishing whether its fly fishing or deep sea fishing; you can have all of the fishing style in the beaches of Thailand. If you want sea tour, you can contact boat man in the harbor to rent a charter. More often, they will offer themselves as travel guide to guides you for trip around the islands too. And to secure this for the best deal beforehand or to save your hassle of looking for them, leave all of this with us, your partner in sport fishing thailand, FishingEverywhere.


Types of Fish that can be caught:

There are dozens of different types of fishes you can found in the beaches of Thailand, it is not very common that you can found multiple types of fish species at one place but in Thailand you can have multiple mahseer (local fish) at one place. Following is the list of some popular freshwater fishes you can easily catch in Thailand.

Giant barb Julians Golden Cattla Indian Rahoo Indian
Asian Silver Red Koi Carp Siamese Carp Amazon Redtails
Thai Mahseer Semah Mahseer Deccan Mahseer Golden Mahseer
Dark Mahseer Chines Mahseer Blue Mahseer Redfin Mahseer
Zhobi Mahseer Jungha Mahseer Mekong Catfish

For the saltwater fish, the island north or south of Thailand, especially in Andaman sea, provide big fish such as yellow fin tuna, wahoo, Giant Trevally and Marlin which excite the anglers in the world. For an angler, tours around this site is a world class experience they never forget. 


Places to visit in Thailand:

There are hundreds of places to visit in Thailand, But the following are some popular where you can experience the specialties of Thailand:

● Bangkok: Shopping, Temple, Markets, Muay Thai, Elephants
● Chiang Mai: Elephants, Temple, Backpacking, Muay Thai, Nightlife
● Pattaya: Beaches, Nightlife, Seafood, Elephants, Scuba diving
● Ko Samui: Beaches, Scuba diving, Honeymoon, Snorkeling, Nightlife
● Hua Hin District: Beaches, Golf, Seafood, Seaside resorts
● Patong: Beaches, Nightlife, Shopping, Muay Thai, Seafood
● Chiang Rai: Temple, Elephants, Backpacking, Nightlife, Muay Thai
● Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya: Temple, Elephants, Ruins, History, Markets
● Krabi: Beaches, Kayaking, Tigers, Elephants, Temple
● Khao Sok National Park: Elephants, Parks, Rainforests, Lakes, Safaris
● Kanchanaburi: Elephants, Tigers, Rivers, Temple, Backpacking
● Phuket: Beaches, Backpacking, Muay Thai, Shopping, Nightlife
● Khao Yai National Park: Elephants, Cowboys, Forests, Parks, Wineries
● Hat Yai: Shopping, Dim sum food, Markets, Nightlife, Seafood
● Ko Chang District: Beaches, Elephants, Snorkeling, Waterfalls, Seafood
● Ao Nang: Beaches, Muay Thai, Scuba diving, Snorkeling, Nightlife, Elephants
● Ko Pha Ngan: Beaches, Yoga, Scuba diving, Muay Thai, Backpacking
● Cha-Am District: Beaches, Seaside resorts, Golf, Seafood, Nightlife
● Pai: Hot springs, Rafting, Yoga, Backpacking, Waterfalls
● Ao Phang Nga National Park: Parks, river Kayaking, Forests, Nature
● Chaiyaphum Province: Forests, Nature
● Udon Thani: Nightlife, Shopping, Temple, Water parks, Architecture
● Koh Kut: Mountain, waterfall, Beach.
● Racha Noi: Beach, fisheries.


Best time to visit Thailand:

Any month of year is best to visit Thailand, but summer day is considered best time to come because you can do most of activities including fishing and other water sports of Thailand.

The climate of Thailand is divided into three seasons; summer (March to May) rainy (May to October) winter (November to Feb). The rainy and hot season is considered best to visit in Thailand. Rainy season does not mean that you would have rain 24 hours but most of time on different beaches of Thailand. The temperature in summer reached up to 40 Celsius, it could be very hot for many of those who have never experienced that much hot weather before but monsoon rains and cool air in evening and night will change whole climate.


How to reach Thailand:

Thailand is a developed country which is full each month of year with tourists; you can reach there by air, road, rail or even sea. There are number of international air port in Thailand which links the country together, but the most popular is Bangkok International Airport because you can go anywhere from there easily.

If you are coming from Malaysia, then rail and by road could be cheaper and better choice for you. For ferry or private ships and charters you need permission from Thai authorities to enter in Thailand. They grant permission to every tourist. So, if you want to come along with your boat then come with it and land to any beach of Thailand especially in Pattaya, Samui and Krabi.