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Let’s Go Fly Fishing in Thailand!


With a beautiful temperate climate, an abundance of fish to catch, all at an affordable price makes Thailand (called Burma in western countries) one of the best places for outdoor fly fish in the world.  On top of that, fly fishing sport is permitted year around in Thailand, so you can plan your trip anytime you want if you want to dive into the world of fly fishing, or test your skills on some of the world’s fiercest player and leader in the world of fish.  Unlike typical river or lake fish, great fish in Thailand procreate without being affected by annual rainfall numbers or goldilocks water level zones. Below you will find the reason why Thailand becomes a worth country for fly fishing.


fly-fishing-in-thailand: Legend 


Take a trip into the majestic jungles of Thailand and traverse the streams of deep rivers on the mountain which converge to the sea, teeming with exotic fish, you’ll quickly realize this is on the bucket list for every man or woman who calls themselves a fisherman.  Sitting at the top of one of the many native fish here is the legendary Mahseer.  This is an elusive fish that will challenge even the most seasoned of fly fishing veterans.  From several testimonials, like many of the truly majestic wild fish that populate the jungle rivers, the exclusive Mahseer is equipped with extreme strength and size that will take a long time and hard-fighting to wrangle to the shores, even for professional angler.

Another fish that demands recognition is the Giant Mekong Catfish. This is the largest cat fish and freshwater fish in the world.  These big monsters grow up to 800 pounds in size. It is said that the Arapaima is even larger, but no one has successfully caught and measured one to confirm this yet.

The Giant Siamese Carp isn’t no slouch either, these beautiful fish can reach up to 660 pounds.

Not to be outdone by the other fish, the Giant Freshwater Stingray, which can weigh up to 770 pounds. The barb on those things is the size of a javelin.

Due to the size, it requires you to be in the finest condition to win the battles and catch those monstrous fish. Don’t be afraid to get dirty. It is customary to release those fishes after you catch them as these fish takes very long time to mature.


An Ideal Fly Fishing Vacation


You might think that participating in this one-of-a-kind fly fishing expedition would be reserved only for those with a lot of money, but Thailand accommodates for many different ranges of travel budgets out there.  You can go from anywhere in the world to Thailand at very low rates.  Roundtrip flights all the way from the U.S. can be found under $800, especially if you book early. You can check and bookings the hotels at your home now from the web page or travel links online or simply just give FishingEverywhere a call and we’ll arrange all you need for your ideal fly fishing vacation. We usually have some offers for holiday programmes too.

You can have vacation like a king in the beautiful Bangkok, Phuket, or Hua Hin hotels and reach the best fly fishing spots in a short hour-long drive.  Of course, Bangkok is a vacation city in itself, offering world-class restaurants, a rock star sage night life, including some of the most humble and positive people you will ever meet. You can also fishing in fishpond for simplicity, but casting your rod in wild forest at the border of the rivers offer much more excitement in terms of adventure.

You need to design your fishing trips carefully. Many elements need to be done before you go. You need to be in superb condition and know the basic of survival training, such as read the star for direction, as you will spend days in the forest. Be sure to have solar cell powered device as you will go to tropical jungle for days and nowhere in this place can you find electricity. Do not running into protected site such as national forest else you’ll get troubles with authority. Buy latest or newer version of map at nearby shop so you don’t get lost in the forest. You don’t want to see reports in the news channel about you, right? New flash light and some box of dry food should be on your backpack content, where you can eat it later when you are hungry. Starting at rainy season might not be a good time for your journey, as wet weather produce many flies. In the end, don’t be afraid to contact local people, as you need to be guided by them going into unknown place, and don’t forget to bring camera to take graphical photo to add in your gallery of your wonderfully and fantastic journey.

In the aftermath, Fly fishing is literal endurance challenge, both in the rivers and once you retreat out of them, so you should plan your trip with equal parts relaxation and therapy to go alongside with your fishing expeditions.  Don’t listen to the stereotypes about the Thailand’s massages and happy-endings.  You can easily avoid those places and you should not miss out on some of the best massage therapists, unique in the world.  Treat yourself to an amazing vacation of action, premier adventure, ultimate experience and memorable memory that lasted for your lifetime with us FishingEverywhere as your partner.