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Deep Sea Fishing Thailand


Deep sea fishing refers to fishing sport done right out in the sea. There are so many top destinations for deep sea fishing tours in the world and for now Thailand is one country that offers the best trips for fishing destination, especially since there are many new flights to Bangkok, which probably available in your home town. Fishing safari in Thailand affords you the opportunity to catch large freshwater or sea water fish. With a bit of skill, effort and experience along with the help of fishing assistant you are certain to enjoy your fishing adventure on Thailand until the end. There are free beautiful surroundings where you can relax and a host of deep sea fishing games in Thailand. Here is several places in Thailand for deep sea fishing. You can search and see detailed information for your holiday by make contact with us at FishingEverywhere, your fishing trip agency partner, click some websites or join holiday forums.


Phuket in Thailand is a world-class fishing destination where you can expect to catch barracuda, sailfish, Spanish mackerel, wahoo, yellow-fin tuna etc. Here you have the opportunity to enjoy both daytime fishing and a sunset fishing trip. The park in Phuket has a shop where you can rent fishing equipment like rods, bait, map and other equipment that you might need to make your stay enjoyable for reasonable price. You don’t have to worry about anything as the park also has a restaurant that is opened 8am-5pm, so you can eat your lunch here.  In Phuket you can enjoy a whole day at sea in rented speed boat, full equipped with snorkeling equipment if you desire to do diving and enjoy the live ocean view from underwater. Phuket offers some of the best beaches and hotels available and you can enjoy a luxury evening after a day at sea. To make the travel a memorable one, you can aim to catch one of the many big game fishes in the seashores of Phuket.

Koh Rok

Koh Rok on the southeast of Phuket is another location you can visit in Thailand as it offers a wonderful opportunity for deep fishing. A private cruise and charter down south welcomes you to Hin Daeng which is also a site that offers excellent fishing option.

Koh Kut

Koh kut located on the coast of Trat is the farthest island on the coast. It covers an area of about 105 sq. Km.  The island is blessed with natural features like plains and mountains, where long streams originate and convert to waterfalls. The island offer accommodations to anglers who wish to spend some days vacationing on their sea fishing trip. The best months to fish for sailfish is between October and March, around May to September is usually not ideal for fishing but other fishes are available through the year. Although you will not get the extravagant game boat in Phuket, but you are assured of spacious boats equipped with a place to sleep and a toilet. Another wonderful advantage here in Koh Kut is the fact that the sea has never being overfished. There is a resort on the beach where you can spend the night along with your fellow travelers and your family, if you chose not to sleep on board. You have absolutely no problem with hotel reservations. You will have no problem getting back at sea as many of the fishing spots are located at different locations near the island. So you can expect to be picked up at the resort in the morning on form by your guide to continue your fishing activities and be brought back to the resort at any time you want.

Other Destination in Thailand for deep sea fishing includes the islands of Racha Yai and Andaman sea- which is a excellent location for catching fishes like trolling Tuna belly, wahoo, king salmon and Sailfish.

Racha Noi is another excellent tour location where you can catch fishes like Black Marlin and Giant Trevally. Whichever place you chose to visit in Thailand you are sure to catch a Sizeable fish to be placed in your art gallery to impress your friends.

Besides the aforementioned places, other sites is also worth to try, particularly krabi, pattaya. Don’t miss the unique spa experiences and famous Angkor Wat when you visited Thailand.

So what are you waiting for? Come over to Thailand with its many unique fishing parks, rivers, dams and reservoir you can hope to have an unforgettable fishing experience whether you are a match angler, big fish specialist or species hunter. Call us now at FishingEverywhere.com.