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Offshore fishing in Singapore – Making the most of your time


off shore fishing singaporeAt times, working life can be a hectic blend of chaos and mind-numbing boredom. It may be hard to imagine a life beyond your everyday routine, and even harder to imagine leaving it all behind for some quality time with nature. But life doesn’t have to be all about progress reports, endless repetition and a longing to get back to the roots of nature. If you’re finding the tension increasing in your life, why not take control and book yourself a holiday to enjoy some quality time with with a week or two of Singapore offshore fishing?

With a rich history that combines the cultures of the Far East with the West, the South East Asian country of Singapore stands as testament to the integration of traditional culture with modern commerce. With over 15 million tourists every year, Singapore prides itself on delivering a distinct blend of old and new, and you could experience it first-hand. With Malay, Chinese, Eurasian and Indian making up the majority of Singapore’s five million inhabitants, the rich variety of cultures ensures a diverse palate of culture, food and language. The island nation offers a range of cultural experiences, but for the ultimate in relaxation, try your hand at some authentic Singapore offshore fishing.

Offshore Fishing Singapore, great fun guaranteed.

off shore fishing singapore


The lush tropical waters that surround the island state provided an abundance of diverse sea life, offering everything from shark to prawns to octopi. Feel the sea breeze in your lungs as you let the hours drift on by; feel the excitement of that first tug on your line as you pull in your first fish; taste the smoky freshness of your catch after sizzling it on a BBQ.

Singapore offshore fishing offers everything you need to unwind after life in the fast lane. And with a range of activities for kids, family and friends, Singapore offers something for everybody.


Fishing in Singapore, locate the best fishing spots.

With hundreds of tiny tropical islands to choose from, you can even enjoy the tranquillity of the open sea from dry land. Singapore’s offshore fishing trip is the only ticket you need for relaxation, leaving the hustle and bustle behind you as you soak up the sun and reel in your dinner. The array of wildlife on offer means you’ll be able to satisfy whatever you’re craving, and with the country offering specialty fishing trips to suit your experience, there’s no need to worry about coming away empty handed.

If offshore fishing isn’t your thing, the variety of ‘Pay-ponds’ and river inlets mean you can cast your line without ever setting foot on a boat. Let the sound of car horns, ringing phones and rattling computer keyboards be replaced by the gentle lapping of waves, the serene silence of mother nature undisturbed and the calm patter of fish on the end of your line.

Life doesn’t have to be a non-stop rollercoaster of obligations, commitments and stress. Take some time to step away from the rat race and breathe some life back into your soul with some Singapore offshore fishing today. Witness the exotic blend of East and West, soak up some of Singapore’s glamorous culture and enjoy life the way it’s supposed to be today.

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