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Fly fishing singapore

Singapore is located on the southern part of Malaysia. Singapore is not primarily known for fishing but it is a new
popular destination because there is so much to do. Despite the fact that Singapore is in the center of urbanization but still there are few opportunities to do fly fishing in different part of the city. In Singapore fly fishing is mostly illegal except in designated places, such as south, west or east of Singapore. Most of the available sea fishes you can get include Sailfish, Tuna, Marlin, Queenfish, Milkfish, bass which is mostly available in February, March and April. For years, fresh influx of these fishes are coming from far place to add for existing ones until this day.

fly fishing singaporeIn Singapore people are seen on the shoreline fly fishing, along the brackish water canal system is where you can find many species that are well adapted into the environment. Some of the species present include: The Greasy Grouper, Giant Herring, Finger mark, Snapper, Barramundi as well as a host of others. This public place is crowded with passerby, so you must pay attention and check around before you land the fish as this can be quite tricky. It is recommended that you use lading net to reduce the potential risk as the terrain could be muddy and slippery

What though should you bring for Fly Fishing in Singapore water for tuna and billfish generally involves a 12-15 weight. Here in Singapore you will be opportune to catch Sailfish, Black and White Marlin. The Leader and Tippet use will be around 40-80 Ib so as to ensure proper landing of the fish and to greatly minimize injury and life mortality after release. You may also decide to use a bimini twist with a complex taper and an 80 Ib 6 foot piece. It is also recommended that you use a 40-60 lb tippet that has traditional leaders. Fluorocarbon is considered because of its elasticity but not needed.  The reel used should be made for saltwater fishing with a sealed drag. The rod should be strong enough and bring several rods with you. The reel should have the listed features:

● The reel should have very few or no moving partspixabay fishing-tackle-400x267
● The sealed drag should be one that will not corrode
● Smooth drag with smooth start-up
● Ensure that the reel you use should never fail at any point.
● Tying the reel with the rod line carefully should have been minimized failure.
● The flies used by fisherman are mostly popper style flies ad baitfish.

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