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Deep Sea Fishing Singapore


Deep sea fishing trip in Singapore can be an exciting and unforgettable experience of a lifetime. You can go on a boat fishing trip right into the deep sea ocean with experienced guides. The sea off the coast of Singapore is perfect for fishing trips. This is especially near the islands of the South.

If you are an angler who loves to fish, then hire a boat and go out into the deep seas off the coast of Singapore water for a trip that you can boast about to your friends back home!

In Singapore, there is no dearth of places to fish. You can take your pick of pay ponds, reservoirs, streams, offshore islands, jetties and shores. Some of the popular jetties and shores are

  • Bedok Jetty,
  • Labrador Park,
  • Sembawang Park,
  • Woodlands Waterfront,
  • Changi Point, and
  • Punggol End.

Reservoirs and streams that are favorable for fishing are

  • Jurong Lake,
  • Punggol Park,
  • Kranji Reservoir,
  • Upper and Lower Seletar Reservoir,
  • Macritchie Reservoir, and
  • Lower Pierce Reservoir.

Popular pay ponds are

  • East Coast Prawning,
  • Pasir Ris Pond,
  • Lakeside Fishing Village,
  • Farm Mart Pond,
  • Bottle Tree Park,
  • Punggol Pond,
  • FW1 and FW3 Fishing Pond.

If you prefer fishing in the offshore islands, you have a choice of options such as

  • Sisters’ Island,
  • Kusu Island,
  • John’s Island,
  • Coney Island,
  • Pulau Ubin,
  • Pulau Hantu,
  • Pulau Semakau, etc.

You don’t need to go to Hawaii, Norway or Miami to enjoy top fishing sport. Singapore deep sea fishing now offers you the opportunity to catch different type of species. The commonly found fish in deep-sea waters are

  • Barramundi,
  • Grouper,
  • Bream,
  • Grunt,
  • Snapper,
  • Herring,
  • Mackerel,
  • Halfbeak,
  • Needlefish,
  • Rabbitfish,
  • Puffer,
  • Parrotfish, and
  • Scat which usually lurking in the depths.

That’s not all. You can also see some other fish, namely,

  • Stingrays,
  • Tripod fish,
  • Trevally,
  • Silver Biddy,
  • Tenponder,
  • Tuskfish,
  • Croaker,
  • Cardinal Fish,
  • Barracuda,
  • Wolf Herring,
  • Sandwhiting, and

There are also

  • Sharks,
  • Threadfin,
  • SandSerches,
  • Flounders,
  • Gobies,
  • Guitarfish,
  • Mullet,
  • Tigerperch,
  • Catfish,
  • Damselfish,
  • Emperor, and

For deep sea fishing, the area of southern islands of Singapore are the best because they are really rich in all kinds of fish that will make your fishing trip activities worth your while. These islands are

  • Lazarus Island,
  • Kusu Island,
  • Pulau Seringat,
  • Sentosa,
  • Pulau Tekukor,
  • The Two Sisters’ Islands, and
  • Saint John’s Island.

You can also go to islands not in the south, like Changi, Kuching, Rompin, Sibu, Sembawang, Tanah Merah, etc.

You can go for night trips as well as day trips in your boat in Singapore. The fishing season is all year round, which is convenient so you can make your trip schedule according to your own convenience.

If you are an amateur in the world of fishing and angling, you can still enjoy the amazing experiences that deep sea fishing in Singapore has to offer. You can arrange your tour by getting in touch with us at FishingEverywhere.com to contact tours agency and search for the best offers that click with your schedule, this includes a call to your personal guide and to arrange the rent of private fishing boat charter.

Your experienced guides will be happy to show you all you need to know about fishing and tackle your problem. Whether it is setting the drag, hooking the bait, casting the line, luring the fish or reeling the fish in from the bottom using your rod, land the fish and put it in ice box. You can also learn by watching them in action. They will also show you what to do when there are unexpected situations or emergencies.

You can enjoy marine world for free which usually only available in your TV at home or commercial art photo. You can search more info through our blog & Facebook page about available hotels to book a hotel on the beach to enjoy great view of the seas and its coasts, especially watching the sunset light at the end of the day and use these time to make new long impressions with your family. With FishingEverywhere, it’s all you need for your fishing anywhere and everywhere. Contact us now.