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Join The Excitement Of Fly Fishing In Malaysia


While fishing in Malaysia has been a source of both survival and enjoyment in Malaysia for hundreds of years, the sport of fly fishing is relatively new in this region which makes it all the more exciting as there are many rivers and streams in this country where the fish have never seen an artificial bait and are likely to eagerly grab for this seemingly new food source. Malaysia therefore is the perfect fishing vacation for those fly fishing men and women who are eager to try new fly fishing territory where you can casting and reel your rod for fishing art.

What you need to prepare.

Fly Fishing Malaysia

Fishing Tackle Box

Before going for fly fishing trip, you need to prepare for the equipment in your home. You can visit fishing shop or store to buy primary equipment such as rod, gear, hook, ice box, and fishing lines. It is better to buy several rods and hooks, as you will need them later. They usually also sell some bait for lure, but it is highly depend on your need. You can search information for free on our FishingEverywhere.com blog post or ask through our email account or facebook.com site to our network of professional members who will totally enjoy sharing their stories. You probably need a list of special tools or custom made products depending on your trip location.

FLY FISHING MALAYSIAWhat to Expect From Your Fly Fishing Trip

While there are a few spots where you may be able to fish from the beach in front of your hotel or off a pier near where you are staying, many of the fly fishing spots are good distance away so you should expect some traveling in order to find the best and most exciting spots for your fly fishing adventure. However, one thing about your fishing trip, is that the food is excellent and relatively inexpensive and the Malaysian people you meet are normally friendly and welcoming. With the right planning, you can create an everlasting memory full of happiness.

Where to Go and When to Plan Your Tripfly fishing langkawi

A trip to Malaysia will have fly fishing enthusiasts finding it difficult to decide whether to try their hand at fly fishing in the Andaran or South China sea or in fresh water rivers and streams. If you want to go to the sea, you need to rent a ship for your trip, which usually available at the coastal ports. The islands North of Malaysia offers top qualities fish. Many of the freshwater river rivers and streams are located in the jungle and offers a real adventure for nature and fly fishing enthusiasts. To get the best experience, you probably need to do mountain climbing and camping in the forest. For this purpose, you need to pack and sort your equipment into bags for backpacks adventure. You can also use bike to reach your destination. There are also privately owned ponds that you can fish for a fee.

Fly fishermen should begin their adventures in Borneo or Langkawi and contacting a good guide can help you find those hidden gems of waters where few fly fisherman have ever gone before.

FLY FISHING MALAYSIABest Time For Your Fly Fishing Trip

When planning a fly fishing trip to Malaysia it is said that March and October are best time for fishing in general. However, if you are planning in fishing in the South China Sea during a stay at Sabah, Boreno then any time between February and November can offer some good fishing. While the best time to fish Langkawi is from December through March.


Types of Fish

Fly Fisherman can expect their fly fishing adventures to make it possible for them to land a number of different fish, some which may be difficult to put a name too. A few of the fish that have been caught fly fishing in malay strait water near kuala lumpur include:

● Needle fish
● Mullet
● Black Herring
● Pacu- these are a great fighting fish and will make for great fun
● Red Talapia
● Jalawet
● Eagle fish
● Mackerel
● Trout
● Bass
● King salmon
● Eel
● Yellow fin tuna- tuna with yellow line on their side and their head.

If you are lucky, you can also see some excotic animals, such as giant blue whale.

Of course there are many other varieties of Malaysian fish that take to different flies, and part of the fun is in seeing how many different species you can catch.


The cost of fly fishing in Malaysia will vary greatly depending on many variable. For example, if you are looking to try some of the hidden rivers and streams then a government sanctioned guide will charge you a fee for their time in leading into the jungle to some of these seldom visited rivers and streams. You can also expect to pay for transportation as some of these places will require the rental of rugged four wheel drives or even boats to get close to the locations.

Of course if you decide to try your hand at some of the privately owned ponds that are great for fly fishing then there is a fee for using the pond.

So, to ensure a memorable trip, let FishingEverywhere.com be your trusted partner for all your fishing needs anywhere. Contact us now to discuss our next trip plan to Malaysia.