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Bali Indonesia is known as the heaven of beautiful beaches on the earth, this is why Bali has received number of awards of Best Island by different travel and tourism magazines and organizations worldwide. The reason why Bali is famous is indeed the beautiful and numerous beaches, sea, sand, sun, rivers and streams but the other reason behind its popularity is fly fishing.

If you want to spend a memorable time with your family and friends while enjoying fly fishing then there could be no other place than Bali around the world. Indeed you can get fly fishing experience at other part of world but you did not get that much fish and different types of fish at one place including beautiful sceneries of Bali

Types of Fly Fishing Available in Bali

Fly fishing is a method to catch fish by using an artificial fly. There are several types of fly fishing and it is not really possible to found a spot where you can try all of them, but in Bali you can try all types of fly fishing. How does its possible? because Bali has stream, river and sea, which means you can try any type of fly fishing, for example for reach casting you need flowing water and it could be possible with the streams of Bali while for Spey casting you can fishing to the river or sea because its required deeper place for fishing.

Instead of reach casting and spey casting you can also use fly fishing to catch trout fish in Bali. Fly fishing for trout is a popular sport in Bali and every year different organizations also conduct competition for trout fly fishing to promote tourism in Bali.

Instead of fly fishing you could also try different styles of fishing in Bali like, jigging, bottom fishing, trolling, spear fishing, deep sea fishing and shore fishing. In short Bali is heaven of fishing.

The beaches of Bali are full with fishes and it is very easy for an in experience person to catch the fish. Even if you did not catch any fish you can still enjoy the amazing sceneries of Bali beaches and enjoy the sun bath.

You can enjoy tropical food such as banana or explore some old area with rich historical or cultural background. You will certainly be pleased with the beautiful scenery here which you can take photo for your gallery at the end of your tours.

Places to visit in Bali

There are dozens of places you can go with in Bali and dozens of activities you can do in Bali. Shopping, surfing, temples, beaches, honeymoon, seafood, parks, forests, scuba diving, snorkeling, and many more activities can be done with in Bali. Let’s take quick look to the places to go to in Bali:

  • Ubud: Yoga, Temple, Honeymoon, Markets
  • Kuta: Beaches, Surfing, Shopping, Nightlife
  • Denpasar: Markets, Shopping, Temple, Beaches
  • Jimbaran: Seafood, Beaches
  • West Bali National Park: Parks, Forests, Backpacking, Beaches, Snorkeling
  • Gianyar Regency: Markets, Rafting, Zoos, Tigers, Safaris
  • Singaraja: Waterfalls, Beaches, Hot springs, Dolphins, Temple
  • Padangbai: Scuba diving, Beaches, Snorkeling, Lagoon, Harbor
  • Negara, Bali: Beaches, Water buffalo, Surfing, Architecture
  • Tampaksiring: Palace, Temple
  • Tenganan: Culture, Weaving
  • Batuan, Bali: Temple, Painting, Art
  • Sayan, Bali: Yoga
  • Nusa Dua: Culture, Beaches.
  • Tanjung Benoa: Water sports, Beaches.

Defiantly these are just the name of some popular places in Bali you can discover more places once you reached there.

Best time to visit Bali:

You could visit to Bali at any time of year but summer is the best time to visit specially for fishing because Bali’s weather is mostly wet and not much change in weather form, which mean the rain could be start any day of the month but not in summer months like May, June and July before monsoon. But defiantly fishing is not the only thing for what you can coming to Bali, if you want to enjoy the vacation then it could be any month of the year to come to Bali. You can also enjoy marine life such as turtle or other activity such as free jump, where you jump from plane and falling like jet before open your parachute to reduce your speed. Of course, for this kind of activitity you need to bring proper equipment for safety, especially during landing.

How to reach Bali:

You can reach to Bali by air or sea. If you are coming by flying then look for Denpasar flights. Denpasar is the island’s capital and has its own International Airport.

For sea, you have to reach to Singapore, Sumatra or Java and get your boat for the Bali.

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