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Indonesia is a maritime country located in the middle of the sea famous for its tourism destinations spot. The most famous location is Bali island, where you can enjoy the view of beautiful natural scenery coupled with its unique traditional atmosphere of its native people. The beautiful scenery included sunset at beautiful beach, high volcano mountain at the center of the island (kintamani), and tropical forest species, such as different kind of bunga (flower). From cultural side, you can enjoy ancient temple in ubud or traditional food for your lunch, such as fried rice.  There is also modern tourism, such as water park in Nusa dua. This make your tourism activities is worth doing. Other than these famous description, there is still a great activity part you can do in Bali, that is, deep sea fishing.

Bali deep sea fishing activity is an amazing experience where you exploring the Indian Ocean with boat for hours, far from land to catch exotic deep sea fish. The hot sunny day with sea breeze is a great experience you can enjoy. This exciting opportunity where you explore vast ocean will make an unforgettable moment for you and your family all together. Be sure to take photo to show to your friends and colleagues when you return to your home. The right time to enjoy this venue is from January to July, as it is dry season in Indonesia.

The best direction for seasoned or professional angler now is south, where you go directly to Indian ocean. In here, you can catch many different species of fish. You also need to check your ice box capacity for the time you pull your rod and removed the fish from fishhook.  If you are lucky, you have the chance to see some rare big marine animals, such as blue whale and whale shark. During your way back, be sure to enjoy beautiful under water adventure in this area. You are able to do snorkeling here by dropping yourself to the water to enjoy the look of the bottom of the sea, such as coral.

If you want to do Deep sea fishing in Bali, you need some preparation before you come. You can start by decide how long you will stay and the price of the available hotels package set that suit your need. You also need to decide how you will go to bali. You can choose to go by plane or ship. If you decide to go by sky, many international flight going to Denpasar, Bali capital city. If you pick sea route, you can go to Jakarta first and then transfer your travel using ferry. You can get all these information by contacting  tours agency at FishingEverywhere.com or click and surf our website. If you use travel agent we appointed, it is usually easier to arrange everything, such as payment or cancellation of your trip if you change your mind and all technical parts are already covered. Be sure to convert your currency to USD, as it is easier to convert it to Indonesian currency, IDR.

After you arrived, you can enjoy Bali island first or planning for challenged deep sea fishing tour. For your fishing tour, you need to book a private boat or yacht which is usually anchored in Bali coastal port. Please choose the charter powered by engine and have a good speed as minimum requirement. You also need some basic fishing equipment, such as hook, and rod. You also need to find tour guide (usually fisherman and an English translator as communication person) to show you the way around. Be sure to make good bargain in your contract with your guide and to include weather factor as important point before you go to sea to avoid wasting your precious time. All these will be much simpler and convenient with us at FishingEverywhere as we’ll do all the hard work to secure your enjoyable trip.