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Team Building Fishing

The Basics To Build The Best Unique Corporate Teambuilding Activity To Get Bonding


Team building fishing, at first glance, sounds like a work trip? What sounds like work trip, however, is actually a team building philosophy used to reinforce happiness among team members at work by means of going back to the mother nature, to the water and open sea outdoor adventure full of fun game and special activities done in groups.

What is Team Building Fishing?

team building fishingTeam building fishing is based on what’s known as FISH! Philosophy. This philosophy was modeled after the highly spirited atmosphere at the Pike Place Fish Market, developed by Chart House Learning founder  John Christensen.

A study of Pike Place workers inspired Christensen to develop FISH! Philosophy, which is based around four ideas: selecting one’s attitude, having fun at work, attending work daily and making the best of someone’s day at work.

With those ideas in mind, team building fishing is generally used to help improve the culture and morale within a company’s workforce, its people.

team building fishing

Team bonding

Tips to Help Foster Morale Among Work Colleagues

Team building fishing relies on helping bolster high morale or spirits among colleagues at work. Although the philosophy does take time to develop in the workplace, it’s credited with helping workers find some enjoyment among peers at work. The following is a brief selection of tips to show how workers can reinforce team building fishing among their peers.

1. Be open to communication

Good teams communicate. That type of camaraderie is what team building fishing promotes. Every team member should feel comfortable enough to share their opinions and thoughts within the group. In addition, every team member should also listen to each other and value the team’s individual opinions. Such interpersonal regard is what helps great teams achieve their goals.

team building fishing2. Encourage others and work together

If you can make the best of someone’s day, it helps boost your spirits. Take a similar attitude within your team. Team members should focus on working with other team members, while also letting them know that they value their opinion. Inter-team collaboration, much like communication, is what helps make good teams into great ones.

3. Have fun with others

Fun is the key to boosting morale at work. In order to reinforce positivity at work, team members should feel enthusiastic about their projects and the team experience. They say enthusiasm is contagious, thus having such a mood will also help other team members feel more inclined to work together.

4. Be at work

If one team member doesn’t attend work, it affects the performance of a team. Each member in the group plays their own vital role. So, if one team member is absent at any time, it may be detrimental to the outcome of the team’s goals. Therefore, anyone who works in a team should always attend and maintain their team responsibilities as much as possible.

And for sure, the best way to learn these principles is of course by means of a fishing trip. Go for those exciting fishing trips with big boat charter to neighboring island as regular events of your company and see for yourself those principles ingrained into the team spirit for a brand new culture at work. Of course, your team would also be able to enjoy the new fishing skill acquired and even bring back home that fresh catch of trout as part of the whole experience package.

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