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Fishing Holiday: Singapore’s Tranquil Formula Awaits You


Your urban lifestyle begins with early mornings, ends with late nights and your day is filled with a demanding work schedule that forces your mind into overdrive. It doesn’t stop at this point, does it? When you get home, you transform into a husband or wife coupled with the title mom or dad.

The remainder of your evening is filled with a quick dinner, cleaning the kitchen and assisting your children with their homework. You have a brief moment to collect your sanity, close your eyes for the night and repeat the process tomorrow for the whole week.

Your life is exceeding its outer limits, and you desperately need a holiday.

With the summer months this year come at your doorstep, you are ready to take action on holidays plan, which will place your fast paced urban schedule set in your rear view mirror. You need a new amazing holiday to revive your spirit, and place your mind on cruise control.

A Singapore fishing holiday is your perfect formula for peace, tranquility and spirit revival. 

Singapore is a tranquil, beautiful country that is well known for its dense urban population, and it is a perfect destination for your fishing holiday. ‘’’You don’t need to travel far away from your home to fly to Thailand, or even to the other side of the world such as Norway and Scotland to be able to enjoy luxury fishing activities. You can read brochure in newspaper or website links or even travel guide to search the information for the best offers available for your own conditions.

With 38 different type’s salt water fish and 11 different types’ of freshwater fish, you have the opportunity to cast your line in the water for an adventure, which will lead to a variety of fish at the end of your lure.

Begin each day with a cool morning breeze, end it with a golden sun and fill it with a memorable fishing holiday.

Singapore is riddled with several different destinations that will meet the needs of your fishing holiday. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced angler enthusiast, Singapore will cater to your fishing holiday needs, which will lead you to local fishing hot spots or an offshore adventure trip. If you are a novice fisherman, Singapore has several shore & jetty locations within a short car drive from their urban epicenter.

● Bedok Jetty

● Woodlands Water Front

● Labrador Park

● Sembawang Park

● Puggol End

● Changi Point

For beginners to intermediate fishermen, Singapore has several reservoirs, rivers and lakes that are perfect for relaxing combined with a free afternoon picnic, which your family or friends will enjoy.

 ● Kranji Reservoir

 ● Upper Seletar Reservoir

 ● Bedok Reservoir

 ● Jurong Lake

 ● Lower Pierce Reservior

 ● MacRitchie Reservoir

For a fishing experience that has a back yard appeal in an urban setting, you will find this top gem at Singapore’s pay ponds.

● Pasir Ris Pond

● Lakeside Fishing Village

● FWI Fishing Pond

● FW3 Fishing Pond

● Punggol Pond

● East Coast Prawning

● Bottle Tree Park

To elevate your fishing holiday to an adventurous status, Singapore’s offshore islands will quench your desire with cool breezes, lush landscapes far from the land and offer exotic sea fish species you can catch, such as salmon and carp and store them in ice box where you can eat them later.

 ● Pulau Ubin

 ● Coney Island

 ● Pulau Hantu

 ● Pulau Semakau

 ● John’s Island

 ● Sister’s Island

Your urban landscape is filled with a demanding schedule and overlapping responsibilities, which slowly depletes your mind and body’s energy levels. Now you have the unique opportunity ever to restore your spirit form and break your fatigue with a fishing holiday excursion from or in Singapore, resulting in wonderful memories filled with tranquility and great adventure where every part will last forever in your memory.

For this purpose, you need to book special accommodation for your stay, such as cottage or lodge. You can make use of some help by contacting us at FishingEverywhere.com as the travel agency at your service to see and check price info and booking reservation for your visit to offshore waters, days ahead.