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Resort Fishing: Creating Memories In Singapore’s Paradise


At the end of the April weekend, you and your family enjoy a quiet evening together at home. While your children play video games, such as Nintendo wii, 3DS or Xbox online in their rooms, you read and review your schedule for next week, and your wife read a book while Monday is lurking around the corner. You enter the kitchen to search and find your favorite snack on top of dining table. After you take some of it, everyone regroups in the living room to watch prime time television featuring Disney star, and you choose to use this time to share great experiences from the past.

During a commercial, your curiosity is captured by a Singapore special holiday excursion show captured by press that features resort fishing as the main attraction. You see a fisherman catch a big red king salmon. You have a slightly glazed look on your face because childhood memories ages ago flash forward with your father, while you are reeling your own fishing rod in your hands when you catch a large freshwater fish in the river near a lake and put it in ice box.

For a brief moment, you hear and see fish thrashing on the water’s surface near your location, and you can smell the clean, fresh air, while the hot sun cast its glances against your face. Your wife slightly nudges you back to reality world, and she asks, “Are you ok?”, releasing you from your memory. You reply with smile as sign of happiness, “I just experienced an incredible memory with my father when he and I traveled to Singapore on a fishing trip event.”

Memories are moments of clarity that are designed to be acted upon. 

Even though your childhood memories might be fleeting thoughts that have escaped you, you now have the opportunity to create memories for your family with an incredible resort fishing trip to Singapore. Whether you live in Singapore or you are planning a holiday to create memories with your family, Singapore has different resort fishing options that will meet your day trip escape or extended holiday excursion.

For an afternoon day trip, local Singapore residents enjoy farm resort fishing at Hai Bin because it has three different outlets. You can even find a Groupon shop that is designed for your budget.

● Punggol
● East Coast
● Bishan

With a well-stocked farm that has plenty of prawns, you and your family will have an exciting afternoon that is filled with laughter, add on with new memories and stories to tell each other during the dinner hour.

If your family is associating fishing with bug spray and long drawn out moments of silence, your wife and children will be completely surprised by Singapore’s Yacht Club plush atmosphere for guests. The Yacht Club is well known for its convenient adjacent pier at bay, which allows you free access from your room.

Whether you want to start your day with throwing your lure in the water, or your family wants to enjoy the resort amenities, your resort fishing holiday will fulfill your fishing adventure and your families desire to be pampered simultaneously.

Singapore’s Yacht Club facilities will exceed your holiday fishing expectations with comfort and convenience, however, their map facilities may compete for your attention and pleased its guest greatly.

● Fitness Room
● Infinity Pool
● Member’s Lounge
● Marina Club
● Sea Sports
● Barbeque designated areas
● Thai restaurant
● Art Gallery
● Park area

After a fulfilling day of fishing to your heart content, you and your family can meet for dinner at hotel, while overlooking the yachts that are streamlining the full view of the ocean. After you enjoy an elaborate dinner, you can retire to your room and look forward to repeating the day’s events tomorrow.

When your family’s holiday is complete, you will have created everlasting memories that highly fuel conversations during your family’s dinner for hours and fleeting moments for your children to remember. More importantly, you invested in a holiday excursion that your children’s expectations will be based for their future family’s holiday experience.

Your extended fishing holiday is not complete without resort accommodations.

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