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Fishing Boat Charter: Cast Your Lure In Singapore’s Adventure


Friday night is your salvation because your friends arrive with a pocket full of money, and you are ready to showcase your poker face and stellar card playing skills, which will empty their pockets. By 8pm, your friends have gathered in the living room, and everyone is talking about their challenging work week.

You have one friend that always has a story to tell that is filled with adventure.

After your friends have consumed a few cocktails, and you have won half their money, your next door neighbor interjects the general conversation by saying, “Last summer, my family and I reserved a fishing boat charter in west of Singapore, while we were on holiday.” Everyone at the table stops talking, and your friends look directly at your next door neighbor. Why?

Your next door neighbor’s fishing boat charter story in Singapore trumps your friend’s dull work week.

Your next door neighbor sighs for a moment, then he begins his story by explaining Singapore’s landscape is beautiful, and the city is incredibly clean. At this point, the only noises in the home room are cards shuffling, and your next door neighbor’s voice.

To resume the fishing boat charter excursion tale in Singapore, you ask, “I know you like fishing, but did your family have a good time?” Your neighbor explains his family insisted on the private fishing boat charter because Singapore bay is well known for its deep sea fishing excursions, especially, the Changi fishing grounds.

Your next door neighbor continues to explain that Changi is near the Singapore coastal port, and it is a popular area for several different species of big fish, include:

● Grouper
● Snapper
● Barramundi
● Grunt
● Trevally
● Marine Catfish
● Sweetlips

Even though your neighbor was impressed with the fishing boat charter to the Changi area, he explained that several deep sea fishing excursion areas are near the Singapore coast and islands site and can be reached by travelling using high speed boats, yachts or even cruise ships which are available in several rental sites.

Southern Island
● Sembawang
● Tanah Merah
● Sibu
● Rompin
● Kuching
● Marina Bay

Your past holiday experiences have never achieved serenity.

You have traveled on several holiday trips with your family, such as last time safari to Phuket, however, each holiday involved a new exhausting schedule. At the end of the holiday tours, you did not feel getting revitalized, and you definitely were not prepared to resume your work week.

You allow your mind to escape for a moment.

The serene environment of waves splashing against the sides of a fishing boat charter, in beautiful Singapore offshore, is a relaxing tour solution to your next holiday. The excitement of casting your line into the deep sea water and awaiting a sudden tug on your fishing rod pole will deliver a smile to your face and your children.

You imagine your wife basking in the hot sun, and enjoying the cool breeze as she asks you, “Are you enjoying yourself?” You turn toward her and nod your head, meanwhile, your fishing line jumps forward, and you grab your fishing pole quickly.

You start reeling in your fishing line, and arching your back, while your wife stands behind you in anticipation to see your catch of the day. After you land the fish, your fishing guide weighs the Grouper, and it is reported to be 10 lbs before putting it in ice box. The day after, you will feel you are in the best form to resume your work week.

A fishing holiday for the entire family.

The idea of a serene environment does not have to eliminate the possibility for adventure. The information are available in website, and all you need to do is to contact FishingEverywhere.com as fishing agency for you or post enquiry about the package class and hotels available. With fishing boat charters, you and your family can enjoy Singapore’s beautiful coast trip with incredible and artistic view to add to your gallery or photo book, while you are waiting to reel in your incredible fish story which you can tell later in the hotel or your club.